blurting your way to a peer group and other experiments in creating your-self

within yourself

“It has been stated, but you may just need to be blunt.” she said.

I have lived my whole life comfortable with specific levels of The Uncomfortable. It is mangled and messy sometimes; I blurt out crap I later roll my eyes about. But my blurts clear the way through my questions and wanderings, as well as relationships with people who require polite conversations — creating space and clarity for meaning-full conversations. Continue reading

Week 27 // independence, change and getting something down

Week 27 at-a-glanceArt is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite — getting something down. -Julia Cameron

Getting something down. That describes this week. I have learned love has rules for some people, and I won’t fault them for it. [link] But I do mark anniversaries of my declarations of independence from said rules; I will be honest with my-self about the suffering on the way to Change. Continue reading

Week 26 // faulty beliefs bring clarity {eventually}

week 26 at a glance postIt’s about the assumptions we make about people and what that reveals not about them, but us. -Jonathan Fields, Assumed Life

It has required three years of sprints — as I was physically able to — in order to declutter + decide my workspace for writing, for journaling and for studio work. {Three years of emotion-sprints in order to face realities I have resisted because of the painful Truth.} Continue reading

Week 25 // a healing-vulnerability

25 week at a glance post

Orphaned voices. They seemed to speak for all the unlived parts of me, and they came with a force and dazzle that I couldn’t contain. I know now that they were the clamor of a new self struggling to be born. -Sue Monk Kidd

Vulnerability saved me these past few weeks … Lots of tears and emotions, blank stares into the midst of my dailies and angsty confessions — times of feeling completely incapable of anything different. ️ Continue reading

Week 24 // pick your-self

week 24 at a glance

The smart choice is to understand that tribal identity is based on choices, not on facts, based on allegiances, not the intentional disregard of the rest of the world. ~Seth Godin

I lit candles this morning; I journaled. I named the shadowy aspects of my {living} causing pain {discomfort; requiring hard choices & acceptance}. Relationships that never were what I believed {desperately hoped}. Marking the distance I didn’t create and choices based on presumption and emotions instead of facts. Continue reading