curating words as prompts #8 // commit

week 9 commit

PROMPT: Set a timer for 5-minutes and compile a word list of your answers to … 

What am I willing to commit to? to accomplish? to experiment with for new discoveries & solutions?

  • Jot your words on a Post-It Note®; the pages of your planner or journal; your wall calendar; write ‘em with red lipstick on your bathroom mirror — your choice, Braveheart.
  • Revisit this prompt during the weekend; adding to your answers as words come. Consider how you are honoring what is {essential} for you. Are there limits hindering your willingness to commit?

It is the decision to do whatever you must to accomplish your {essential} that enables you to live a life you love.

Creative systems facilitate doing what you must until you can do what you choose.

What is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. -Anna Quindlen

Additional weekly word prompts are posted here each Sunday.

Right Brain Planning is a practice of intention; it is a promise to your-self to dedicate time and space for personal discovery and creative noting of what is important to you. Are you are right brain planner?

monthly planning set-up

planning set up art cards

I begin with creating art cards to remind me of monthly routines and inspirations is part of my monthly planning process. The process allows time to ponder my plans + routines and the card becomes a place to compile my notes; I often add to my cards with Post-it® notes.

My right brain planner facilitates my art:

  • one-place for both essential & creative expression
  • varied pages allow for a new focus each month
  • visual reminder that to live is to change :mrgreen:

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