current journal-planner stack

current planner-journal stackArt is born in attention. Its midwife is detail. -Julia Cameron

My friends, Anna and Carlene, and I have been discussing how we journal and plan. They know it was my goal {hope, intention} to move to a practice of ONE journal-planner. I wanted to have everything in sequence, in one place, for easier review.

It wasn’t to be; I learned why in the process of trying.

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where are you in-community?

trust your-selfCommunity fosters inquiry and discovery regarding the options for accomplishing what we love.

It facilitates perspective; it is the silent witness we need to believe {a little bit more} in our dreams and goals. Heart desires, big and small … personal and professional, from decluttered closets to creating art to closing our first profitable deal.

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Week 36 // watercolor lines, the cycle of a day; what are we busy about?

metamorphosis watercolorIt is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis. -Henry Miller

metamorphosis // the divine nature of changing from one form into a completely different one; watercolor lines of progress; full-to-empty, empty-to-full.

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Week 36 Dailies // going along

a sudden sense of adventureShe posted an image of this to Instagram; I knew I needed it as a reminder. It was an affirmation for my Now, for my Next. The art of a kindred spirit affirmed multiple hard decisions I know I must decide and execute, and it arrived perfectly timed yesterday.

  • choosing to see adventure — instead of fearing the unknown
  • allowing the sense of adventure to stir within; strongly
  • because I know I have to go along! :D :roll: :shock:
  • in this strange new place of my world, I will go
  • I will pack my reminders, and I will honor the process
  • I will love “too much” and spend “too much” time alone
  • but I will not apologize, nor be sorry.

 Create a system or be doomed to continue this. ~note to my-self

So, today … I blog here. I post this template and I name this fear and jump into this day!

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Week 36 Dailies // bluet hope and mortality

bluets I will32. When I say “hope,” I don’t mean hope for anything in particular. I guess I just mean thinking that it’s worth it to keep one’s eyes open. -Maggie Nelson, Bluets

true blue filteredRocket Man and I had a last minute date night last night. The days of this week have been demanding; brutal; exhausting. :roll:

As we walked into the restaurant, it was as if the sky was waving for my attention; inviting me to look up and witness divine beauty — to pause for seconds of renewal.

true blue

When we came back out afterward, the sky around the moon had completely changed! A visual reminder to bookmark that moment:

We had entered numb and hungry. We left relaxed and nourished {mind, body and soul} because of our decision to add to the story of yesterday. To resist the urge to simply “slide in home” and crash; to decide to abide quietly together, creating a time of ease and savoring time together as well as each bite of some of our favorite foods.

156. Why is the sky blue? — A fair enough question, and one I have learned the answer to several times. Yet every time I try to explain it to someone or remember it to myself, it eludes me. Now I like to remember the question alone, as it reminds me that my mind is essentially a sieve, that I am mortal. -Maggie Nelson, Bluets

Mortality can be a double-edge sword; it can inspire us to listen to the ticking clock, to dream bigger — and live freer. But it can also feel like a plastic bag wrapped tight around our head when its elements of fear cut through us. :shock:

Rocket Man and I are celebrating time. Time as a couple; time for counting down and release and retirement, for new adventures and closure.

Last night we edited the story of the day; we hit the invisible reset button. We added our favorite memories from 24 years of the anniversaries of our firsts.

Sort of an annual tradition, since we met and married in three weeks time. We celebrate each of the firsts before we exchanged vows in our front yard! :mrgreen:

graftedWe promised to love til death do us part in this place almost 24 years ago. I am grateful for the symbolism, of the grafting of these two native, wild-grown trees with deep roots reaching in the organic soil of my beloved 2.5 Acre Wood.

So … I can do bluet-hope … I will keep my eyes open. And I will continue adding to the stories of my days, Braveheart.

 Create a system or be doomed to continue this. ~note to my-self

So, today … I blog here. I post this template and I name this fear and jump into this day!

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Week 36 Dailies // do; stop; re-member {repeat}

purge the unnecessary

Conditions would some way adjust themselves, she felt; but whatever came, she had resolved never again to belong to another than herself. -Kate Chopin

book store

{book store to decompress before going home yesterday}

going back to school - relearning

{going back to school//re-membering & re-learning}

  • remembering creative rituals when my children were younger; like visiting the library and books stores as a creative ritual; a reset; just for fun

Suggestions from Creative Every Day Theme for September:

  • Take yourself back to school and learn a new art skill or try a new material this month.
  • Use old school photos of yourself in a piece.
  • Write about your learning style in a free form way.
  • Think about the things you want to learn in the remaining months of 2014. What’s the next step to making those things happen?

Although you have many different roles in life, you are ultimately one and the same person, with limited time, energy and resources. If pressure is applied in one area of life, the consequences ripple outwards to other areas. The same is true for our partners and colleagues. By respecting this interconnectivity we have with each other, and across our different roles, we will all benefit. Source: Work/Life Separation Is Impossible

planning patternsCreate a system or be doomed to continue this. ~note to my-self

So, today … I blog here. I post this template and I name this fear and jump into this day!

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Week 36 Dailies // empty is not void

{open book journaling}

{open book journaling}

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. -Anais Nin

The intentional pause requires I press through the urge to ignore phraseology that streams through my mind. Embracing the act of allowing space as a means of honoring reflections and facets of what cannot be replaced; knowing {empty} is not void.

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. -Henry David Thoreau

More than okay entails asking for help; being buried but alive; embracing death {closure} will waving at Life; talking to someone I trust as a point of therapy {not mere conversation}.

03 buriedCreate a system or be doomed to continue this. ~note to my-self

So, today … I blog here. I post this template and I name this fear and jump into this day!

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