✨🌗 [quarter moon] December Update: Current Resources

embellished cover art for “My Story”

Right Brain Planner® “My Story”
13-month journal-planner kit

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[adding color to cover art for “Life Chronicles”]

“Life Chronicles” by Right Brain Planner®
[setting aside time & space for your Story]

—a starting point for “My Story” 13-month kit

purchase “Life Chronicles” + view content details & pages

Your actions and habits are in alignment with your self-belief. You can work as hard as you want, but if deep down you don’t truly believe it’s going to pay off then you won’t be working to your fullest potential. -Chris Brogan

Each time I create a new resource I allow myself time to discover how it will serve me best. The “My Story” annual kit is no different. I am currently using “Life Chronicles” as an introduction as well as prepping a 3-ring binder for my monthly journal-planning — pondering my actions and habits.

adding collage and embellishments to a 3-ring, chip board binder


Sharing from my personal journal-planner pages, explaining my process and naming starting points is clarifying. Because I ask myself the same questions I post here for you to read as I cycle like the moon through darkness to light.

I have also been journaling the “December Reflections” prompts presented by Susanna Conway, and will compile my first ten in a blog post next week.

P.S. What is truly yours cannot be missed, Braveheart. Everything counts.