52 Weeks of Noting {collage and creative record} 48/52 — time/sanctuary

48 52

Fear cannot take what you do not give it. ~Christopher Coan

I am exploring the meaning of sanctuary, of safety + {living free} in the midst of “suffering” — to self-witness my thoughts: allow a refining instead of a spilling over. This expedition includes the sanctuary of friendship and one-cup conversations Continue reading

52 Weeks of Noting {collage and creative record} 47/52 — “repository of unlived things” awaits

47 52 card post

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. ~Aristotle

I am seeing parallels between the card/week number of my 52 cards and the details of that year of my life. I will complete this deck just shy of my birthday month {January} and last month of My Year 52. Continue reading

52 Weeks of Noting {collage and creative record} 46/52 — music & speed dating states of being

46 52

Unless you leave room for serendipity, how can the divine enter in? The beginning of the adventure of finding yourself is to lose your way. ~Joseph Campbell

There are seasons of {living} in which I feel as if I am “speed dating” states of being, as well as my sanity-tenacity-willingness to continue onward; when I feel paused in overwhelm. But … music and speed dates move me through … Continue reading

52 Weeks of Noting {collage and creative record} 44/52 + 45/52 — freedom, time & extra hours

44 52

I made my own assessment of my life, and I began to live it. That was freedom. ~Fernando Flores

Extra hours require choosing; I chose “extra hours” with friends last weekend + “extra hours” of rest this weekend. I rarely outline what I will write here; this blog is my journal. It is a view into my life without filters or answers of how-to. I create art and then I study it {assess} for prompts, and I write + press “publish” — and sincerely hope you, dear reader, discover prompts as well. Continue reading

52 Weeks of Noting {collage and creative record} 43/52 — delicious ambiguity

43 52 card

As long as I can seduce myself to enjoy all kinds of things, like in the morning enjoying the first cup of coffee, or piece of chocolate the pain begins to diminish. I give myself nice things to look forward to, throughout the day. The moment you give in and let yourself get dragged down by misery you are closer to death. ~Ilona Royce Smithkin, How To Deal With Pain

Continue reading

52 Weeks of Noting {collage and creative record} 42/52 — balance is movement + exceptions

42 52 card

There are exceptions to every rule.

The focus of my week has been a web site design, a profile summary and goals for Secret Rebel Club; defining and clarifying who we are — by knowing who we are not and “journaling-through” via this series of posts. Exception: undaunted listening and a complete disregard to the traditional rules of a business plan, specifically marketing. ;)  Continue reading