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[what about all the time it takes?]

Right Brain Planner®

“I am always so busy; I never have time for journaling or planning.”

“All of this sounds complicated and time-consuming. And how can I be sure it will even work for me?”

Short answers:

  • Your hours are yours to decide [even if it doesn’t feel like that].
  • When you are ready to begin — you will know.
  • “Never” and “always” are terms of perfectionism [aka the fear of …].

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[curating a journal-planning practice]

Right Brain Planner®Getting more information is learning, and so is coming to understand what you did not understand before. -Mortimer J. Adler

A creative journal-planning process is not as much about planning as it is about allowing time and space to abide gently with the feelings and thoughts of the day as an act of self-compassion.

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[simply begin: create one thing ☛ overcome journal envy & perfectionism]

Right Brain Planner®

I confess. I have journal envy e-v-e-r-y time I see stacks of journals shared online. Of course this is quickly followed by the paralysis of perfectionism. How to get started? When would I have time? How can I create my own stacks of artsy pages??

Short answers:

  • Envy? Me, too! 😉
  • Let’s flip the envy to be motivation.
  • One page at a time. (Or one art card at a time!)

Longer answers + links with all the details …
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[modules versus annual subscription?]

My ticket to explore! [embellished art from Module 1] — Index Card Planning + Creative Inspiration to Explore The 💫 Galaxy of {your} Life.

Would you mind explaining a bit more about the difference between the annual subscription and the modules?

Short answers:

  • Annual Subscription: annual purchase to receive a monthly journal-planning guide + themed resources + group coaching. [availability expired December 31, 2016]
  • Modules: a one-time, monthly purchase; a baby step introduction into creative planning. Details below …

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