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finding my hallelujah


I think I finally found my hallelujah / I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life -Andy Grammer

Braveheart, in order to explain the full meaning of this post, you and I would need much more time than I have today.

I am in the final stages of creating art and designing pages for the Right Brain Planner™ 2017 Annual Planner Kit. But instead of resigning myself to waiting yet another day before posting here — here are the “Cliff Notes” version of my hallelujah.

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reappropriations & cycling like the moon

third quarter moon

Braveheart, I am re-appropriating the rather large block of hours required for blogging — but links to my other posts are listed below.

We cycle like the moon. We shine-full; we go dark. And there are times when we honor the space of being in both our own light, but also in our own darkness.
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