time & inspiration #4 {in real time}

my desk in real timeTime and inspiration. Time, finite. Inspiration, infinite. And yet we are often convinced we can “make time” and that we “lack inspiration” …

I want to live differently. More grace, less “making time” and less giving into the feeling of being uninspired. Because I know my perception of lack has more to do with the way I feel and not fact. Continue reading

the practice of art every day {naming limits}

Day 28 naming MS symptoms to empower

Art for Day 28 — creating a collage of MS symptoms + needed schedule changes

Naming limits rob them of their power, Braveheart.

But if you think about it, what is normal? What does it mean? Imagine if that was the best compliment you ever received. “Wow, you are really normal.” -Rosie King, How autism freed me to be myself

[this applies to the false burden of all labels; take what you need and leave the rest … because normal is merely a setting on your dryer, Braveheart] :mrgreen: Continue reading