Kim // {right brain} planning as a voice that doesn’t use words

live free

Begrudgingly I left my paper/pencil planner when I got my first Blackberry. I felt that keeping my Franklin Planner and all of it’s messiness that helped me feel so grounded in my day made me old and out of date. The physical transition from paper to device was seamless. The void it unknowingly created in my life left me without a creative outlet as well as removed my place to plan {dream}. In November of 2012, I stumbled across Right Brain Planner and instantly knew I needed to return to the act of planning on paper. Continue reading

Carlene // {right brain} planning as liberty and art-full expression

visual anthology

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. – William Wordsworth

My journaling has and does take many forms. It has been a process of unfolding just like life. The diary style journals in the bookstore were always so appealing but it usually sat on the shelf in its loveliness, unused. It was intimidating. Continue reading

Anna // {right brain} planning as meditation

Anna amazing

I currently exist in a fragmented life. I am wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee and supervisor. I am artist, scientist, cook, housekeeper, and teacher. With all these winding paths to traverse in each set of 24 hours, I am learning to allow space for all the fragments to shuffle and settle.

The Fall of 2013 has marked my entrance to using collage as meditation. I am finding it to be the perfect way to take the fragments of each day, and integrate them into a work of art. In this way, patterns emerge from the apparent frenzy … seemingly of their own accord. Continue reading

Carly Rogers // How do I use my {right brain} planner?


I have developed a (sacred) ritual that I follow when I work with my Right Brain Planner™. It usually begins with a spot of silence in my house, pouring a steaming cup of green tea, curling up into a blanket on my couch, and then surrounding myself with my favorite tools – pens, markers, scissors, glue, word sheets. Continue reading

The existence of {another self} …


The greatest loss in life is what dies inside us while we live. ~Norman Cousins

In the midst of living our {wild and precious} lives we find ourselves in situations in which the proverbial light shines down upon a different facet of our personality, illuminating a shadow within us, one of {our selves}.

I have been reflecting upon these alter egos, these “other selves” of myself … about career paths, detours, rabbit trails and roads where I opted for a u-turn; about the people I knew, and situations that required various {other selves} patrol the front line of confrontations and declarations within the stages of my personal-onward. Continue reading