blurting your way to a peer group and other experiments in creating your-self

within yourself

“It has been stated, but you may just need to be blunt.” she said.

I have lived my whole life comfortable with specific levels of The Uncomfortable. It is mangled and messy sometimes; I blurt out crap I later roll my eyes about. But my blurts clear the way through my questions and wanderings, as well as relationships with people who require polite conversations — creating space and clarity for meaning-full conversations. Continue reading

August Dailies — Building Resilience

one thing leads to another

One thing leads to another … routines, rituals, dailies, day-be-day — complimentary themes that go well with Leah Piken Kolidas’ choice of “Cycles” as the theme for August’s Creative Every Day. Right brain planning is allowing something mundane to become art; this week I will post my daily planning-art — and likely  hopefully the remaining days of August. ;) Continue reading