[week 6/52] anxiety, living my rings & future versions

We are always giving birth to future versions of ourselves. -Christina Rosalie

So, this past week anxiety came flooding back into my dailies.

And instead of hiding away — I sparkly-dared myself to accept it as an opportunity to observe + to care for/nourish my-self. To name it, to call it out and to talk about (with friends face-to-face, and via Twitter and Instagram).

It was a though simply reducing it to part of my daily minutiae, and assigning a hashtag to what I was feeling, I was able to diminish it of its paralyzing force.

It is my habit for my creative work to co-exist with my swirly emotions and physical challenges.

While I readily admit moving through personal challenges and holding steady with my creative work can become a laborious, emotionally swirly process — I am empowered and soothed by my choice to do so.

Even when it takes 3 or 4 (or 20) tries; even if it that is merely moment of pause + focused breathing after I spin out emotionally; or a simple, silent promise to myself to try one more time when I am ready.

My continuous practice of this choice formed a habit; it became the starting point for Right Brain Planner® and continues to offer new revelation along a 10+ year path of mile markers of an empowering journey.

A habit, and a lifetime of living my rings, as I imagine mapping my way through from day to day — and sometimes, literally mapping [visual inspiration for mapping via Dan Bell & Stentor Danielson]:

[my 52-week journal] map icons + embellished “My Story” worksheet for February // mapping an imaginary hike and woodland expedition; discovering peaceful spaces of solitude and beauty as I marvel at the landscape

I keep myself moving through with intentional creative practices:

  • [meditative: silence; breathwork; listening to wind chimes and ocean sounds; quilt-wrapped crying; restorative yoga; using essential oils]
  • [nature: sky-views; walkabouts on my wooded acreage; yoga outdoors; walks in the park; naps in the sun; bird watching]
  • [journal plan: color vents; handwritten journaling; collage found words and phrases from altered books and the “My Story” Kit]
  • [contemplative photography; reading (indoors/outdoors); artist dates; ongoing self-directed studies; dancing wildly to music (volume up!); home and/or garden projects; quick (2-minute) social media check-in (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) for inspiration; quick note to a friend via text or Facebook Messenger]



A new creative practice:

  • [“365-Something” project — I am creating 🌑🌓🌕🌗🌑 moon-themed art + compiling notes from my own 📚 self-directed study about the moon; updates posted on Instagram]: @stargardener@rightbrainplanner

[planning reframed: self-care & time traveling] | [starting points] | [my journal-planning practice]


  • Details for beginning (or resuming) your own creative practice — along with prompts and templates — are included in the “My Story” annual kit.