The Art Journaler & Community

AEDM Day 20 hope anne lamottWe must dismantle our perfectionism and settle for progress, not perfection. -Julia Cameron

Are you in search of ideas or a simpler definition of what art journaling is all about? Terminology to describe {affirm} how you “journal-through” — notes-to-self; handwritten pages; painted canvases; doodles; self-portraits; collections of seemingly random ephemera; index card art; doodles; collage; photographs of trees, clouds, sunsets, moon cycles, etc.

The purpose of The Art Journaler is to foster a community atmosphere:  a nurturing space for women daring greatly — exploring and abiding with their questions … and their dreams. Without apology or justification.

Affirming one another with knowing nods and “me, too’s” …

  • Join in the fun of making art cards via The Art Journaler Card Club! Click here for info + a free download!}