The Art Journaler Community — Exploring Your Secret Garden


{For February’s Theme we will be exploring our personal secret gardens …}

And we will be doing things a little differently. With the help of Mandy Thompson, we have put together a 4-week guide to invite you into your own Secret Garden. We will be stealing away into the moonlight, tiptoeing down the ancient stone path and creaking open that old rusty gate that, much to our nervous excitement, it seems someone has left unlocked.

ben_salter garden gate

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. ~Robert Louis Stevenson

sidelong wild garden

The goal of The Art Journaler is to promote a “no rules” encouragement for art journaling as a personal practice …

Which is why we offer the free quote-prompts via Facebook and Twitter. As well as special downloads with prompts for The Art Journaler Community subscribers — an {expanded} version of community: the opportunity for private community collaborations, “me-too’s” and sharing what {and how} we are doing {and discovering} as art journalers. We also meet on Google Hangout at least once a month! :mrgreen:

★ To participate in the subscriber-only support and activities, click here to subscribe {$3/monthly} via PayPal.


The Art Journaler is not one person.

It is not Mandy. It is not Teresa. It is not you.

It is not a certain style or a level of artistic accomplishment.

It is a collective us. A messy us. A sparkly us.

A secret us. An entity greater than us.

It is a belonging. And you?

You belong.

Welcome inside.

The goal of The Art Journaler Facebook Page is to foster a community atmosphere … a spacious {but cozy} room with walls of windows … paint drips on the floor and long tables of collage ephemera … undaunted laughter, occasional giggles and whispers-in-a-spin from those daring to unfold what they previously only peeked at within.

Another option for community is The Art Journaler Flickr Gallery. We’d love for you to create along with us. We can share our discoveries and pass around our field journals as we capture bits of our risky explorations. We can use our imperfect art to remind one another we are exactly where we need to be in our one wild and precious life. {Try out the new Flickr app for iPhone!}

We can whisper “me too’s” in underground layers, because we speak each other’s language and we are safe there.

Journal to journal, heart to heart … ripple to ripple, torn pages, ripped words, mending hearts and discoveries. It is all in the pages where we abide, doodle, collage, paint and chronicle our secrets, our discoveries … our dreams.

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