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risk it: pause and renew & move into a new cycle of your-self

my journal-planner: crescent moon art page for February

The safer you play anything in life, the riskier you are actually being. When you “play it safe,” you are following a path toward irrelevancy and redundancy. The opposite is also true. When you take bold, calculated risks, you are being a lot safer than you think. Those very risks help you take control of your own future; your destiny.  -Seth Godin

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unraveling and revealing meaning

How To Make A Journal of Your Life by Daniel Price

All of life is story, story unraveling and revealing meaning. -Madeleine L’Engle

It is my intention to allow my days to be art: a creative practice; an ever-developing skill set; the application of my imagination + the act of being; the choice of seeking & noticing within the mundane to create my “masterpiece” on the canvas of 24 hours.

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