Wandering + other things I have no words for …

17 blank journal

Sunday mornings I glide from sleep into journal mode. Today I noticed a common thread {sharp and jagged}: this is the third consecutive week I have awaken with a sense of overwhelm + the need to drain {vomit} it via hand-written entries upon the pages of what has become My Sunday Journal.

It has become that by practice: once a week; a time of hand-written journaling — followed by a freestyle listing of dreams, ideas-to-execute, to-be’s and to-do’s. Continue reading

Suffering often feels like failure

01 This is Day One

We cannot afford not to fight for growth and understanding, even when it is painful, as it is bound to be. ~May Sarton

There are times when I want to fast-forward, when I want to write without edits or type letters freely in order to get {it} out. I typically scribble these notations in one of my journals or on whatever scrap of paper is near …

Documenting what flashes in my mind … Noting lessons within the ordinary … Observing what didn’t work out as hoped {planned}. Continue reading