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What is Right Brain Planner?

I found I could say things with colors that I couldn’t say in any other way — things that I had no words for.
~Georgia O’Keeffe

What is Right Brain Planner? started as a WordPress blog in March of 2008 — an experiment of techniques, of trial and error — in an {almost desperate} attempt to liberate myself from lines and boxes {doubt and self-loathing} regarding my dedicated pursuit of maximizing my time and mental focus.

When the first pages of my own right brain planner were doodled {and collaged and jotted}, photographed and written about online, I had no grand plan of it ever becoming what it is now. I was simply resorting to a searchable means of keeping track of the notations and discoveries of creative planning I was compiling in my personal right brain planner {which began as an altered book}.


Who is stargardener?

Hello! ;) I am Teresa Robinson {aka @stargardener} {aka @rightbrainplan} the official compiler of posts here at Right Brain Planner. This site is best described as a transitional work. I am {at long last} fully embracing the title of Artist. Meaning, I am not a {collaborative} blogger who arts; I am an artist who collaborates and blogs about it.

I blog to share how I plan creatively + to share the blogs and stories of women who inspire me; I blog to compile what I am learning and to share what I know. In March of 2012, after a template snafu, I opted to transfer almost 900 posts offline and begin developing the plans I have had in my twisty-sparkly right-brain … To baby step my way a little deeper {more focused} into creating a wiki of sorts for creative planning as well as art journaling.

Never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon. ~Peter Lynch

My partnership with Mandy Steward {aka @messycanvas} at officially launched on April 1, 2012 — after jotting our wishes in a crayon-written draft-plan {on newsprint} two months prior. We are delighted to connect the communities we are involved with{in} a creative overthrow of shoulds and preconceptions of what art journaling {should} be like; coloring outside the lines and dancing like nobody is watchin’! :mrgreen:


Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it. ~Brian Tracy

The practice of creative planning eases us off the hook of a performance-based self-worth, a core principle that is lacking in goal-oriented e-courses and life-coach offerings. The liberty to “color outside the lines” and allow the proverbial tide to carry us in our personal {and business} plans conserves precious energy, often fettered away in the midst of lines and boxes, checklists and must-do’s in order to {fill-in-the-blank}.

The focus of this blog is to offer inspiration for sorting through one’s habits, beliefs and emotions in order to escape of the circular pattern of “try hard, give up” … To share the stories of other creatively-minded people utilizing creative ways to plan and dream and sort through dailies.

{a visual breakdown {linked to content} of the category focus} — Site Map


The past is where you learned the lesson. The future is where you apply the lesson. Don’t give up in the present. ~Author Unknown

The professional focus of this site has been limited; most previous e-courses, tutorials and information have been provided online and free of charge. I have learned useful lessons through these offerings and creative collaborations between kindred-spirited, creative-thinking artists. It is also inspiring to share images and conversations every day via Instagram and Flickr.

Although I am frequently asked about individual consultations, this is a limited offering due to my personal goals, as well as the realities of living with Multiple Sclerosis. A current offering is a monthly planner booklet; I also have an outline compiled for a {creative} project planner e-course for writers and freelancers. My primary focus is to be an artist-collaborator, so these compilations depend upon energy and timing. ☑

15 right brain planner

A month’s worth of inspiration + ideas + art journaled notations {photocopied} folded into booklet format — with added stickers and other planner ephemera — placed in a postal envelope and delivered to {amazing and creative} you once a month!

  • themed motivation and articles
  • photographic images//theme visuals
  • hand-crafted collaged pages and
  • hand-written notations + quotations
  • stamped lettering + collaged word messages
  • an art-full {month-at-a-glance} monthly calendar
  • {creative} planning prompts + visual planning sheets
  • click for more details + information …

are your a right brain planner


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  2. The new site looks absolutely … Wow! A-MA-ZING! .. I really need to catch up! Gotta go, I have some browsing to do :O)

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