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{right brain} plan·ner/ˈplanər/

  • Makes plans by thinking in pictures {not shoulds, shalls and numerical order}.
  • Cites time by occurrences and situations {and shiny things} — not hours.
  • Resists control or rigid appointment planning; marks time in blocks of being and doing.
  • Connector of dots, a person who believes the dots will outline something absolutely a-mazing!
  • Creative-minded person who sees life as a mural more than a sequenced list of To-Do’s
  • Colors outside the lines, dances outa bounds and stands on tip toes to see what’s Next.
  • Considers Life to be a canvas … awaiting sketches, color and random, collaged elements.

Living in a practice of {catch and release} … embracing what facilitates ease; accessing {and releasing} what imposes should’s and shall’s — as much as that depends upon you.

The mission of Right Brain Planner is to provide visuals and practical ideas about art journaling, creative day planning, visual journaling — and living outside the lines and boxes and of should’s. ;)

Here is a visual breakdown {linked to content} of the category focus: