rings of living

For each year of growth, rings form within a tree trunk; rings marking the details of each growing season during its life.

I imagine my own rings of living as multi-colored and varied within ever-widening circles of showing up for myself; showing up so I learn to trust myself more and more as I re-member myself.

collage for Secret Rebel Club

Life is not always extraordinary in all its details, but it is the sum of those ordinary events that add up to extraordinary lives. -Eric M. Scott

Our life’s work is not what we get paid for — it is the process of doing as we become.

It is starting. And stopping.

It is everything within the in-between.

[meaning-unfolding] ♻️ #myRBP ✂️📐 found words, mark-making and collage are a way through 🌬 the whirlwind; a way to 🌈[claim] and hold 💢 space for what love — for letting go of and receiving — for my-self, my creative work, my relationships. 💜 [art as meditation & clarity] ———————— This is my embellished version of the February monthly divider page from the “My Story” Right Brain Planner®️ annual kit (linked in my profile). 📲 For more views, follow me at: @rightbrainplanner #beholdingnewperspectives👓 #rightbrainplanner #MyStoryAnnualKit 📕 #creativeplanning 🌀 #artjournal ➕ #planning = ❤️ #selfcompassion #livingcolor #colorvent #colorstories #stargardenerlivingcolor ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Show up for yourself: You are the key.

Journal-planning is a way I show up for myself; it is how I document my own Becoming.

Journal-planning is a way to creatively process and document the rings of my life.

It is a means of discovery, of studying — of expanding and learning more about what matters most to me. 

… at some point, you just have to trust yourself. And that’s a practice. Once you develop that practice of trusting yourself, the art and the creativity take care of themselves. -Alisha Sommer*


*The Creativity Habit podcast


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