{Prep for} My Week #7

Week 7

Discomfort is very much part of my master plan. ~Jonathan Lethem

This weekend has been physically uncomfortable … It required activation of me being comfortable with discomfort. To be in pain, to deal with diaphragm paralysis and other assorted realities of living with MS, requires creative coping practices to be comfortable with discomfort.

Learning to be comfortable with discomfort. If you learn this skill, you can master pretty much anything. ~Leo Babauta, Discomfort Zone

Fortunately I spotted this fabulous pad with bright-colored checklists per day! :mrgreen: I opted to use it this week and utilize my work-appointment cards for my writing goals + Etsy projects + journal art.

Focal Points:

  • clarify my writing style
  • honor my intentions
  • writing “appointments”
  • sharpen my writing skills
  • be aware of what I want + need

The focal points will facilitate my {comfort} in the midst of {discomfort} to decline invitations or unspoken requests, to resist the expectations to be {the responsible one} or to {do the “right” thing}. To say “No.” — and to do so without an apology or explanation … more

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