Your Turn Challenge // Day 3 — becoming and self-sabotage

03 Your Turn Challenge my questionI have been assessing my work patterns of the past twelve months; examining my strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats + exploring my work as the [process of becoming].

This work being subjected to my resistance to committing to my vision, my passion and my plans due to fear of failure {self-sabotage}.


1. clarity of my process of self-care and self-development {private} + what facilitates the process of accomplishing The Work {details & execution}

2. diversify my dailies; to live differently & more precise with my focus and my time

3. honor the process of becoming: the pauses and the pressing-through — mingled with commitment and sparkly-dared execution of a plan

grow up seth godin

It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin

Goals require an intention to mature and resist The Whine — seeking to be “affirmed” or inspired — because truth is, I either believe in what I am doing or I don’t. Dreams come true because of personal choices — not the affirmations of others.

The artist and the addict (or the artist/addict) both face the same dilemma each morning. Will they serve their higher nature or their lower? The addict and the artist are both struggling to emancipate themselves from the tyranny of the ego. The petty, piss-ant ego that devalues and undercuts and holds us earthbound. The addict gets off one way, the artist another. The addict/artist yo-yo’s back and forth. -Steven Pressfield

I need to admit to burn-out when I feel self-loathing cuing up — a symptom of too little time for my-self and/or too much time giving in to an expanding of the overlap {what is shared} and busyness {running faster instead of focused steps}.my process, the work and the overlapOur need for motivation is due to our need for reassurance. -Seth Godin

The critical point is the link between Resistance and addiction. When, for whatever reason, you and I cannot overcome the forces of self-sabotage that block us from following our calling, the next easy step is to seek relief from the pain, the shame and the self-reproach we feel by submerging ourselves in a form of substance-induced oblivion or self-abandonment that travels under the name of addiction. – Steven Pressfield


I have always said “if you aren’t afraid, you aren’t trying hard enough” … BUT gah! :shock: The last time I felt this much “fear” {apprehension, doubt, resistance} I was in my 20’s. I was sparkly daring my way into a career I could barely articulate. But it happened; my dreams came true.

I keep reminding myself of that right now, but I quiver at times as I move onward. Questions without answers, doubts, plans requiring more time and energy than I expected. And yet, plans are coming together and dreams are coming true.

… to get things done, you must love the doing, not the secondary consequences. -Ayn Rand

Your Turn Challenge is a 7-day blogging challenge inspired by the Your Turn book by Seth Godin. The goal of the Your Turn Challenge is to practice shipping with a like-minded community that wants to push themselves to grow and support each other along the way. Read the story and check out the video at // archive


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Your Turn Challenge // Day 2 {connecting dots}

Your Turn Challenge | Day 2 [my question]Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. -Henry David Thoreau

In the wee hours of today I doodled and noted details of my trips through cycles of raw and undiluted joy, to absolute certainty and through tears and self-loathing :( and then back around to my “hands-on-hips” me. It’s my process.

The shortest distance will include “failure” and moments of “fuck!” and “oops” and “why-did-I-ever?” It will include hiding away to heal, naps and resuming where I left off. Because it is {always} my turn.

There are no straight lines.

The journey will be traveled moment-by-moment in baby steps of certainty, experimental research of trial and error and of faith when I feel like a fraud and.or delusional for the dreams I dream.

It will be mapped in circles because I promised my-self to do what I can, as often as I am able — and to resist expecting a straight line between those damn points! ;)

What is mine cannot be taken, lost or otherwise missed. What is mine is not by chance.

there are no straight linesIt takes as long as it takes.

The goal of the Your Turn Challenge is to practice shipping with a like-minded community that wants to push themselves to grow and support each other along the way. Read the story and check out the video at


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Your Turn Challenge // Day 1

Day 1 Your Turn Challenge

  1. Daily writing propels me through distraction and creates a record of dominate thoughts and ideas.
  2. I am naming my resistant to commitment + being bogged down with “doing it right” — stalling, as if execution of anything less would end in failure.
  3. To honor my guide word: Less. Less is more. Clearing the proverbial deck of busyness and getting down to productivity.

We can navigate by Resistance, letting it guide us to that calling or purpose that we must follow before all others. -Steven Pressfield


The goal of the Your Turn Challenge is to practice shipping with a like-minded community that wants to push themselves to grow and support each other along the way. Read the story and check out the video at

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wishes and wants

writer of my storyI think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the years. -Henry Moore

While wishes and wants may sound like the same thing, I learn over and over they aren’t.

  • Wishes feel sparkly and boundless and invigorating.
  • Wants feel mundane; the minimal of what we will settle for.

Making wishes invites liberty and possibilities; stating our wants can feel selfish and menial. … However, it is only when we {wish} that what we {need} emerges.

This is especially true of a wish for “more” creative time; if that is our wish, we {need} to foster creativity:

Creativity is certainly not caused by the act of writing or doodling. But simply being able to think creatively isn’t a reason to write or doodle either. There’s more to the connection than that.

Routine creation in any form is representative of a much deeper and complex thing: rumination.

-Tanner Christensen

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. -Rumi

This weekend, I am doing things from my soul … Read more about that via my blog post on The Art Journaler Community. {And I hope you will, too! Let’s facilitate our wishes by stating our wants and allowing our-self to be the main character in our story.}

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curating words as prompts #2

Words Plan PromptWhat if everything is a prompt, a clue — a secret message awaiting translation; a rescue from the fiery darts and sniper shots of everyday; an option for redemption from the threats. An escape hatch to move us through and onward to Next.

What if? What if a word could become a guide-word for you? Consider compiling a list of words -or- allowing one word to be a practice of your actions, thoughts or attitude.

TAJ Card ClubP.S. I hope you will join in the fun tomorrow when we gather and share art cards … [details] :D

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