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June Right Brain Planner™ Guide & Pages

June Right Brain Planner™ Guide & Pages

Coming and going matter far more than what happens in the middle. … We mistakenly spend most of our time thinking about, working on and measuring the in-between parts, imagining that this is the meat of it, the important work. -Seth Godin

✔ Statistically 80% of our living is this messy middle. It is not breaking news; it consists of the trivial and mundane activities that are certainly necessary — but rarely deemed extraordinary or memorable.

Within these moments we often feel behind in our progress — cycling through comparisons of our messy middle with someone else’s grand finale.

✔ The other 20% of our living consists of what is memorable and meaningful — with outcomes that affect an overall change as well as the quality of our lives with regard to our truest desires.

These moments of clarity and accomplishment are the direct result of our decisions to establish {name} our priorities and honor our boundaries.

[Boundaries & Self-Nurturing]

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June Right Brain Planner™ Guide & Pages

The themed guide and creative planning pages for June are about {you} — your hours and your priorities — and the necessary boundaries for your comfort and ease of living.

15 8.5″x11″ pages include:

  • full color cover + a figure drawing
  • 9 panels of themed content and prompts
  • weekly, hourly logs with use suggestion use
  • themed, typewriter-font quotations & content
  • 4 panels of visual journal-planner art
  • artful week-at-a-glance page & worksheets
  • monthly summary sheet
  • moon cycle art
  • a monthly calendar

What you do with your half hour matters less than the fact that it is yours. Setting even such small boundaries is a huge step toward self-care—which leads to the self in self-expression. -Julia Cameron

[Boundaries & Self-Nurturing] June Right Brain Planner™ Guide & Pages

week-at-a-glance planning page for June

Right Brain Planner™ pages may be used as an art journal + planner, or the panels and worksheets can be incorporated a bound journal or planner for gluebooking, brainstorming and mind-mapping experiments.

Other Resources:

  • Monthly Subscription via (1) payment — Receive monthly journal-planning page sets, resource links and personal support for $47. This annual, prorated subscription includes all subscriber features through December 2016.
    • IMPORTANT: This subscription is not automated; it is handled by me personally. You will be contacted within 24-hours via the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account.
  • Right Brain Planner™ Week-by-Week — 4-Weeks of step-by-step instruction to assist you with developing your creative planning practice + compile a personal affirmation statement. (Registration is now closed. The next session will be open for registration on June 15, 2016 and will begin Sunday, July 3, 2016.)

I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way — things I had no words for. -Georgia O’Keeffe

Creative planning is a uniquely individualized practice, a practice that develops over time as you discover what “feels” best and is most appealing and useful for you.

  • To see examples of creative planning pages, you are cordially invited to join the Creative Planning Lab on Facebook. 

The annual kit is designed to be a stand-alone creative planner that can be bound -or- incorporated into a binder with the monthly pages.

The concept of a Right Brain Planner™ is to experiment with determining what works best for you + allow time and attentiveness for:

  1. 10-15 minutes daily for journal-planning
  2. noticing personal actions and habits + how hours are spent
  3. being intentional about aligning actions and habits with goals {wishes and want-to’s}
  4. considering journal-planning as an experiment; trying new techniques each week
  5. incorporating creative expression as a means of documenting personal progress

How that is accomplished is as varied as people who utilize creative planning {graphic organizers, art journaling, visual journals, altered books, etc.}

February 2016 artwork

Right brain planning is not as much as about planning as it is about allowing one’s life to become like art on a proverbial canvas. To observe and utilize the time for living out loudliving free — even in the midst of the unknown.

Right brain planning is about creatively documenting your story as you live it — and how you hope and wish and dream of living it.

The official beginning of Right Brain Planner™ was in 2007 when I began to document my “collage planning” process. The first planning pages were offered in 2012.

This site and the planning pages have continued to develop alongside my own creative journal-planning practice evolution, focused on incorporating flexibility and a gentle, personal accountability as I adapt and life free within the realities of living with multiple sclerosis.

2016 planner notesScheduling time each week to be still {for minutes} at a time, to pause and ponder challenging details of daily minutia and the dreams whispering {sometimes screaming} within.

Week 32 spreadMy weekly plans begin with a week-at-a-glance template; I add my “to-do & done lists” + color + collage elements as a point of noticing and noting my dailies, desires and dreams.

Here are posts to my art blog with ideas and examples of gluebooking {collage} and free-will art, which I consider to be the foundation my own right brain planning. I also host a private group on Facebook.

Right Brain Planner™ Annual Planner Kits and monthly page sets are elements of an ever-evolving system designed to support a creative planning practice.