everything has its opposite

[Day 9/61 – undaunted] — ❣inspired by a book quote posted by @mandy.steward // #contrasts of life ☯ #fly #believe #babystepscount #wishes #betrue2you #handlettered #Sharpie #ICAD2016

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To decide to view yourself as a complete stranger, someone who has just stepped ashore in your life, is a liberating exercise.

-John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

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review, full attention & mirrors

ICAD 2015 02

[reviewing my cards from the Index Card A Day 2015 creative challenge]

As long as we are focused on another, we do not have our own full attention. -Julia Cameron, The Prosperous Heart

My experiment with re-appropriation is proving to be quite clarifying. My morning time has been for free-writing, journal-planning and review — without the usual time constraints of honoring my blog schedule {writing, editing; uploading images, editing; repeat}. Continue reading

reappropriations & cycling like the moon

third quarter moon

Braveheart, I am re-appropriating the rather large block of hours required for blogging — but links to my other posts are listed below.

We cycle like the moon. We shine-full; we go dark. And there are times when we honor the space of being in both our own light, but also in our own darkness.
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rewilding: pushing limits & seeing rightly

saying no - julia cameron - rightbrainplanner

quote by Julia Cameron; quote text from May journal-planning page set

I need to be able to admire my protagonist despite [her] faults, and so be given a glimpse of my own potential. —Madeleine L’Engle

Braveheart, our choices are the seeds we sow to create our harvests and opportunities to expand our capacity. Our willingness to honor the unseen growth of said seeds is essential even when everything we feel screams otherwise.
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