Road Trip!

road trip

Time off work, vacations, creative scheduling — all of these options provide us with a new perspective. We can return home and.or to work with a new way of seeing our skill set and expertise, a client project or even the way we value and “count” our days.

I am grateful for time away with my beloved rocket man. We have been crazy busy lately and the time away will be space to catch our breath and have some fun.

How about you?

  • How often do you schedule time off? Days off? Extended vacations? How are your days “on” differ from your days “off”?
  • If this is something you are not scheduling time for, what concerns do you have when you are not in your regular routines? What limits you from being away, enjoying new scenery and activities?

Have you visited Secret Rebel Club lately? I have been meeting with the team of amazing rebel writers, listening to their ideas and planning for Year 2 of our collaborations. I am sure you will find something interesting …

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P.S. Check back here on Saturday for a review of my August Break images! :mrgreen:

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Week 31 // the {un}known

Week 31 spiralEmotions erupt to remind us we are alive, that we are human. And to let us know we are growing. Trust yourself enough to feel what you feel. -Iyanla Vanzant

Emotions have grown wild in my proverbial gardens this summer. Nothing was what it seemed {hoped}; plans made, then incomplete … at least from my perspective.

But my perspective is ever-evolving. I am embracing un-reasonable …

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blurting your way to a peer group and other experiments in creating your-self

within yourself

“It has been stated, but you may just need to be blunt.” she said.

I have lived my whole life comfortable with specific levels of The Uncomfortable. It is mangled and messy sometimes; I blurt out crap I later roll my eyes about. But my blurts clear the way through my questions and wanderings, as well as relationships with people who require polite conversations — creating space and clarity for meaning-full conversations. Continue reading

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