there are no certain routes: allow space for your dreams to take shape [do what you must]

saying no - julia cameron - rightbrainplanner

quote by Julia Cameron from her book, Walking in This World

Art is not linear, and neither is the artist’s life. There are no certain routes. -Julia Cameron

Creating the art and pages for and then using the Right Brain Planner® journal-planning guides and annual kit empowers me to visualize and to begin each day with a fresh perspective: a mental starting point of an adventure — a story — unfolding each day.
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my choice

Seek out positive people instead of trying to change negative ones. Don’t expect others to facilitate your change. Control your own fate. -Jerry Corstens

Napping. Journaling. Country drives with the top down. Sunrises. Sunsets. My mind spinning with flashes from my past lives. It has taken me three days to come to this place of enough acceptance that I can “be my life” [resume rituals, work]. Continue reading

Here, I made this.

daily prompt from "Dear Artist" ☛

daily prompt from “Dear Artist” ☛

Here, I made this. These four words carry generosity, intent, risk and intimacy with them. The more we say them, and mean them, and deliver on them, the more art and connection we create. -Seth Godin

There is a powerful rush of vulnerability when you complete work on an art project. And I “forget” about this almost every time I press publish to a new set of planning pages, a course or an annual kit.
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