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list journal; altered book journal-planner; dated planner/work log for business

Something inside you is always telling a story. I believe that every single thing you see and hear is talking to you. -Jim Carrey

Part of loyalty to the inner vision is noting how I want to proceed; it is neither turning away in the overwhelming “loudness” of fullness nor the eerie silence of the in-between.

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose. -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

★ I am an artist and curator; I am one who communicates with color and collage, sky views and moon cycles because there are so many things I have no words for.

★ I host creative communities, safe spaces for gathering and sharing. I mourn with those who mourn; I wait with those who wait — because Life can become a series of challenging circumstances. And together we are stronger. ♥

★ I choose love. And I go to work — not because everything is fine but because it is who I am — it is my Becoming.

“How are you?” And instead of “Oh, fine—and you?”, I blurt out the truth: “Not well. Not only am I depressed, I can’t seem to work, to write; it’s as though I am paralyzed, unable to write anything more in the novel I’ve begun. I’ve never felt this way before, but the election….” I am about to explain with further detail when he interrupts, shouting: “No! No, no, no! This is precisely the time when artists go to work—not when everything is fine, but in times of dread. That’s our job!” -Toni Morrison, No Place for Self-Pity, No Room for Fear

My current dated planner. This brand is one of two dated planners I have used (and loved!) during the past 10 years.

I use two dated planners for project planning + altered book journal-planners for painty collage, random doodles and notes, and various hand-written entries for processing my wandery thoughts and ideas.

My current “in-use” journal-planner stack: Action Day Planner; Moleskine Annual Planner-Business; Right Brain Planner® Creative Card Deck Planner; Composition Notebook Journal-Planner; Right Brain Planner® Annual Kit; Altered Book Planner-Business; Annual Dated Planner-Business; I also create a small booklet using the pages of the monthly guide (which I insert in my composition notebook planner).

I envision new endeavors in quarters — 3-months at a time (January-March, April-June, etc.) Here is a breakdown of how I see my personal quarter sessions:

  • Month 1 — trial and error; wandering; defining/naming {it} and familiarizing myself with an idea [what I want to explore, attempt, accomplish or otherwise do differently]; “new moon” phase of an endeavor-expedition.
  • Month 2 — research and experiments; exploring and discovering; discussions and trial runs; confidence builds and formulations begin; narrowing down what is authentic for me; noting how I want to proceed; “quarter moons” phase of an endeavor-expedition.
  • Month 3 — THIS is when I truly begin to develop and implement new habits and determine my course; everything before this month is “white space” and practice lessons for Next and Onward; “full moon” phase of an endeavor-expedition.

My 52-Week altered book journal-planner from 2016.

I create template art + compile content as prompts and starting points for a creative planning practice.

Instagram: [visual examples of my practice]

@rightbrainplanner [weekly posts] | @stargardener [personal processing posts]

This page includes additional details regarding Right Brain Planner®, an ever-evolving resource designed to support a creative planning practice.

Thank you kindly for your interest!  -Teresa aka stargardener


Teresa Robinson aka @stargardener is the creator and designer of the Right Brain Planner® system of creative planning and art-fully documenting Life. She believes in the healing power of jots of color and collage and being in nature.

She hosts various social media connections for support and inspiration; sharing and posting weekly prompts, creative planning ideas, visual journal entries and instructional blog posts.