my mish-mash of self-nurturing

Before you can do something that you’ve never done, you have to be able to imagine it is possible. -Jean Shinoda Bolen

I am in the midst of doing and being several realities I had to imagine as possible. Mostly through trial and error, angst and tearful surrenders.

To be a soulful person means to go against all the pervasive, prove-yourself values of our culture and instead treasure what is unique and internal and valuable in yourself and your own personal evolution. -Jean Shinoda Bolen

I learned of Jean Shinoda Bolen because of a book I recently ordered, Crones Don’t Whine — which was followed by pausing my day to read more about her extraordinary work!

Love, Hope, Perseverance, Trust & Gratitude

These words are included at the bottom of each page of her web site. These words are my five-word autobiography! Gratitude defining my current living after trusting [imagining] that this phase was actually possible.

28/61 ICAD art [2014]

Intentional acts of deliberate self-nurturing alter our experiences of life, increase our sense of possibility. –The Artist’s Way at Work

Where I have been: a mish-mash of intentional acts of deliberate self-nurturing; purging, releasing what was not as I believed.

I have been exploring self-compassion [self-care, -love] this past year. Realizing I have freely given compassion and forgiveness but I have been slow to receive it from myself.

mini moon art – practicing with watercolors

What does living come down to but bringing about those changes in ourselves … which can free us to enjoy a richness and closeness with everyone? -Rilke

I rationalized my actions in multiple ways. But then I discovered that my anger [hurt and resentment] was rooted in the reality that I [desperately] needed to balance out my giving with receiving.

I had to release my sense of duty to be available to offer support and compassion by default [because of love and relationship; out of habit; without discernment].

I realized I was locked in a loop of collecting [adding-to; more instead of less] and never actually getting to what I wanted to do.

The word “crisis” is from the Greek, meaning “a moment to decide” | “power of distinguishing”

Life is a constant flow of moments to decide. Recurrent moments of challenge and opportunity to pause … to stop … to wander; to learn and to accept.

Resist allowing the charge of “selfish” to convict you. People label and blame others for what they refuse to face within themselves.

my art: doing what I don’t have to do {to discover & live more of what I want}

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life. -Jean Shinoda Bolen

What do you need? Are you doing what you need to do?

  • set aside 15-minutes per day
  • ask yourself: What do I need? Am I doing what I need to do?
  • schedule time to reflect and evaluate, to mark time and important memories
  • determine ways to include more of what matters most to you in your daily, weekly, monthly schedule; begin with (1) thing and continue as it feels doable
  • celebrate milestones — and be sure to date what you experience and create [write, collage, journal, etc.]

44/61 ICAD art [2011] shredded photographs with glitter

For most of the past 15 years I haven’t had organized and dated journal-planners. My practice was sporadic and varied; I stashed miscellaneous notes, journals and planners — most with only a few completed pages — and personal documents wherever there was a space.

I have amassed digital files that are dated but it becomes overwhelming to sort through; however I am consistently working on a more efficient system for those files.

One of the annual mile markers, 2011-2016: my ICAD collections.

☛ [details about the 2017 Daisy Yellow “Index Card A Day” adventure!]

When I flip back through the cards I have created during the past six summers, I see it as a visual journal. The cards include very few journaled notations but the imagery is all I need to remind of the significant events of those years.

ICAD Card, Day 9/61 [2015] my year of rays, dots and circles/Elle Luna & naming my Must

Braveheart, I hope you will allow time to begin your own mish-mash of self-nurturing.

Resist allowing the charge of “selfish” to convict you. People label and blame others for what they refuse to face within themselves.

I have come to know that a full on stop is often required to effectively assess what needs to be changed. Otherwise the noise of resistance [from self and others] drowns out the still, quiet voice that will guide you.

What do you need? Are you doing what you need to do?

58/61 ICAD art [2014]

Whatever has crowded out growth needs to be recognized and removed. -Jean Shinoda Bolen

  • I have been purging and organizing my studio (the small bedroom I use as my personal space for creating and dreaming and being).
  • This has included flipping through previous years of my ICAD art + reflection on my habits pertaining to self-nurturing.

Braveheart, I believe art heals — and that art is as simple as abiding outdoors with the morning sky or jotting lists or having a favorite color. I created Right Brain Planner® because I needed a "planner" that offered space but didn't trigger my daily expectations. I needed a planner that was a journal — a place to creatively document my {living} + collect my blurts and random collage. Perhaps you are in need of the same? If so, I hope you will join me via our shared online connections. ♥