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[adding the two cover panels included in the August Guide to my composition notebook]

➡️ [August Guide]

Dated Chronicling & Mark-Making + Establishing a Morning Ritual

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This 20-page journal-planning guide represents a significant design change and is the first chapter of a new starting point for Right Brain Planner® resources.


Additional materials to assist you with exploring a creative journal-planning practice + implementing simple journal-planning techniques:


➡️  Quick Start to Creative Planning: [an index card, a pen and a daily check-in] — Ideas for using index cards for weekly planning.




“The reason you stop when you do: You got what you came for.” -Barbara Sher, Refuse to Choose!

➡️ [Module 7] Creative Aids for Scanners

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Barbara Sher defines a Scanner as a person with an extraordinary wide range of interests and curiosity in unrelated subjects + low tolerance for boredom: “They light up when they see new things, and they’re dying to do something with them.”

This 11-page Module is a compilation of tips and notes regarding ways to improve your overall ability to process your creative overflow.





pages from The Mish-Mash of Life, Love & Daily Living for Scanners

➡️ [Module 6] — “Mish-Mash”

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All change begins with a decision. Often these decisions are made after a brutal session of self-loathing or through brokenness and weeping because it is apparent it is time to do something different.

Creative journal-planning can become an alternative path through … Module 6, officially entitled, “Life Chronicles: The Mish-Mash of Life, Love & Daily Living for Scanners” includes: 21-pages of instructional content, prompts, art elements and quotations to assist you with releasing the familiar and embracing the new.



Module 5, “Living Color” color


➡️ [Module 5] — Living Color

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Module 5 includes 7-pages of instructional content, prompts, art elements and quotations to assist you with noticing and creating with color.

Module 5, “Living Color” page view


Modules [themed guides and à la carte art elements for customizing your journal-planning process]


  • Modules are sets of pages with elements for customizing a journal-planner using a free-style approach. Examples: calendar art; week-at-a-glance pages; mind map templates; journal-planning art; prompts and themed guides.
  • New modules and/or other support offerings will be posted here on the day of the new moon each calendar month.
  • Pop-up sales for Right Brain Planner® Modules will be announced via the @rightbrainplanner Instagram account.

P.S. I have been working on exciting details pertaining to the future series of Right Brain Planner® Kits & Modules! 🙂

Moon prints, quarter-planners, color-wheel journal-planner pages, options for à la carte items + art mail are in the mix! and the journal-planning pages have continued to develop alongside my own creative journal-planning practice evolution; focused on incorporating flexibility and a gentle, personal accountability as I adapt and recalibrate in order to live free within the realities of multiple sclerosis.

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Editorial Disclaimer — Monthly compilations, guides and modules are a reflection of an approximate 27-day Intensive (one lunar cycle): topic selection, research, notations, life experiments + art-making. My writing process takes place during an approximate 3-day period, concluding around the day of the new moon. Content is gathered, sorted & organized, followed by layout and design. My goal is to visually convey a theme + inspire you to create visual art at your own pace and for your own discoveries and utility (not a perfectly edited document.)