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It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done! -Vincent van Gogh in a letter to his brother, Theo

To love many things, to incorporate a variety of opportunities for creativity and community, as an act of self-love and compassion is a path to a creative life.

It is within our willingness to experiment and to be in-community that our creative practices and self-awareness are enhanced and clarified.

Ideas for creative experiments and reminding you that together we are stronger is the main purpose of this site, Braveheart.

Scanners go through an amazing transformation once they begin to understand who they are and realize there’s nothing wrong with them. –Barbara Sher, Refuse to Choose!

As a Scanner, I gleefully confess — this is a very last minute switch regarding the July Module!

Frankly, I only invest my time in what I believe is useful to creative-minded women. And this idea felt more like a next step in the progression of Modules for this year. SO I trusted my gut and went with it! 🙂 This Module will focus on Chapters 1-8 and Appendix B of Refuse to Choose!

➡️ [Module 7] — Refuse to Choose! $10

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The following materials are intended to assist you with implementing simple journal-planning techniques:

Quick Start to Creative Planning: [an index card, a pen and a daily check-in] — Ideas for using index cards for weekly planning: [click here]

pages from The Mish-Mash of Life, Love & Daily Living for Scanners

➡️ [Module 6] — “Mish-Mash”

All change begins with a decision. Often these decisions are made after a brutal session of self-loathing or through brokenness and weeping because it is apparent it is time to do something different.

Creative journal-planning can become an alternative path through …

Module 6, officially entitled, “Life Chronicles: The Mish-Mash of Life, Love & Daily Living for Scanners” includes:

  • 21-pages of instructional content, prompts, art elements and quotations to assist you with releasing the familiar and embracing the new.
  • A 21-Day Log for daily designated 5-minute appointments throughout a 21-day observation period as part of personal assessment.
  • How to envision your personal endeavors and project in quarters sessions.
  • Guiding prompts to encourage self-compassion with regard to personal progress and actually using the stuff you have — instead of stashing away items you habitally collect but never use.
  • Ideas for making space in ways that work for you and giving yourself to yourself: your time, your energy and your talent.
  • Personal assessment worksheets regarding your daily priorities [rooms of your heart] and your home [room-by-room] — with a focus on baby steps of progress.
  • Quoted content from Barbara Sher’s book, Refuse to Choose! and Organizing for the Creative Person by Dorothy Lehmkuhl & Delores Cotter Lamping.
  • A new portrait format using new fonts and boxed “highlighting” of key text for quick review; a color cover with an example of how to use the template pages.
  • Theme related quotations in calligraphy for collage + journal-planning.

➡️ [Module 6] — “Mish-Mash”

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Module 5, “Living Color” color


➡️ [Module 5] — Living Color

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Module 5, “Living Color” page view

➡️ [Module 5] — Living Color

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Module 5 includes 7-pages of instructional content, prompts, art elements and quotations to assist you with noticing and creating with color:

  • color cover + colorful elements for collage
  • ideas and instructions for creating journal-planner pages
  • (4) weekly color prompts {no rules//just prompts}
  • color-themed quotations to utilize as prompts and/or collage
  • charm prompts to aid you with free-writing as you create colorful collages in your journal, planner or right brain planning pages + a vision board prompt page (not pictured)

➡️  “Modules” [themed guides and à la carte art elements for customizing your journal-planning process]

      • Modules are sets of pages with elements for customizing a journal-planner using a free-style approach. Examples: calendar art; week-at-a-glance pages; mind map templates; journal-planning art; prompts and themed guides.
      • New modules and/or other support offerings will be announced on the day of the new moon each calendar month.
      • Pop-up sales for “Modules” will be announced via my @rightbrainplanner Instagram account and the Creative Lab [a free group I host on Facebook].


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 is: and the journal-planning pages have continued to develop alongside my own creative journal-planning practice evolution; focused on incorporating flexibility and a gentle, personal accountability as I adapt and recalibrate in order to live free within the realities of multiple sclerosis.

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Editor Disclaimer — monthly compilations, guides and modules are a reflection of an approximate 27-day (one lunar cycle) Intensive: topic selection, research, notations, life experiments + art-making. My writing process takes place during an approximate 3-day period, concluding on the day of the new moon. Content is gathered, sorted and organized, followed by layout and design. My goal is completion, not perfection.