Are you a Scanner?

The reason you stop when you do: You got what you came for. -Barbara Sher, Refuse to Choose!

➡️ [Module 7] Creative Aids for Scanners

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Barbara Sher defines a Scanner as a person with an extraordinary wide range of interests and curiosity in unrelated subjects + low tolerance for boredom: “They light up when they see new things, and they’re dying to do something with them.”

This 11-page Module is a compilation of tips and notes regarding ways to improve your overall ability to process your creative overflow.

  • tips for color-coding your reading notes
  • my chapter notes from Refuse to Choose! by Barbara Sher with highlights
  • an introduction to Quarterly Planning
  • dealing with mental volcanoes and riding the waves of ideas
  • obstacles, busyness & routines

Relevant to this Module:

book art: I added color + doodles to embellish a quote handwritten by Mandy Steward included in her Secret Message Society zine

I have learned to embrace my scanner-tendencies and ride the waves of my ideas.

Holding on loosely to my heart-desires and surrounding myself with living-color; being outdoors and tracking seasons & moon phases; researching new topics and experimenting with new art techniques.

Yes. All of that can become “too much” and messy, and at times overwhelming. But I find that creative distractions tend to ease the angst of everyday challenges, and the in-between and the “not-quite-there” times.

Are you a Scanner, too?

My mind lights up with new ideas each time I reread sections + add notes and art to my altered and color-coded copy of Sher’s book, Refuse to Choose!

tools for color-coding & highlight books as well as your notes and journal-planning pages

I hosted a 21-day discussion group for Barbara Sher’s book, Refuse to Choose! offering my notes + my own creative tips for color-coding reading materials and honoring your creative pace. Module 7 is a compilation of the content discussed in the group.