there are no certain routes: the usefulness of meaningful distraction

[currently reading] The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

My life is my art. It is a matter of daily choices and decisions to engage meaningful distractions in order to activate perseverance; and to remind myself that easily defined skills are not all that matter.

The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

My current creative distractions include:

  • “Writing” myself into the day — literally or via my mental white board. My version of a morning pages practice: studying sequential (or random) pages of books stacked on my desk, frequently copying vital passages into my journal-planner and/or posting here.
  • Creating art using the “emBODY” painting prompts. [I published some pieces here but the art I have created since Friday remains private.]
  • Researching, compiling content and creating art for the April Guide [available to annual subscribers] and Module 4 [available on the next new moon, March 27.]
  • Asking questions to engage curiosity and delighting in imaginary conversations with artists and writers whose craft assists me in my daily creative experiments.

The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

In her book, The Principles of Uncertainty, Maira Kalman details the stories she imagines for the people cited in the obituaries she reads; and the details of her own passing, how she imagines Heaven and conversations she would have with deceased family members.

“More tea. More stories.” -Maira Kalman, The Principles of Uncertainty

We are what we repeatedly do: stuff that enriches our lives + the other stuff we do out of habit and due to faulty beliefs.

Beyond a point of humility, as far back as I can remember, I have minimized my personal and professional skills, talents and accomplishments; my intuition and tenacity, and my Divinely-gifted skill sets — skills that are not easily defined but skills I know to be essential.

[We] give too little respect to the other skills when we call them ‘soft’ and imply that they’re optional. -Seth Godin

Naming this [my habit of minimization] in my journal — part of a meaningful distraction while compiling business records for my taxes the past weekend — freed me and revealed unexpected routes and options.

The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

It was a tiny heaven of meaningful [healing] distraction for me.

The conversations and the art I created facilitated a deeper level of closure for a life role that has mostly only ever been heart-wrenching. I stepped onward out of my frozen self and previously lived pages of my story-unraveling, interpreting new meaning and insights.

Braveheart, is it time for you to step out of your frozen self and put the proverbial oxygen mask on yourself first? Daring to be compassionately-detached and creatively documenting your progress in between baby steps onward.

  • Here are some simple journal-planning techniques to assist you: [link]

Braveheart, I believe art heals — and that art is as simple as abiding outdoors with the morning sky or jotting lists or having a favorite color. I created Right Brain Planner® because I needed a "planner" that offered space but didn't trigger my daily expectations. I needed a planner that was a journal — a place to creatively document my {living} + collect my blurts and random collage. Perhaps you are in need of the same? If so, I hope you will join me via our shared online connections. ♥