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Welcome! This web site features my journal-planning pages + my creative planning process. It is the result of curating ideas and information from my self-directed studies and experiments, as documented in my visual journal-planners {online, index card art and collaged pages in bound journals and altered books}. 

Each of us fosters a unique self-directed education via what we spend our time noticing and documenting. Right brain planning is a means of compiling a creative record of those lessons and self-discovery.

RightBrainPlanner.com is:

RightBrainPlanner.com and the journal-planning pages have continued to develop alongside my own creative journal-planning practice evolution; focused on incorporating flexibility and a gentle, personal accountability as I adapt and recalibrate in order to live free within the realities of multiple sclerosis.

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What I am doing now:

  • a series of blog posts focused on Louise DeSalvo’s book, Writing as a Way of Healing
  • living within a sense of kairos time and the intention of contemplation and seeking out the propitious moments of my life during my 57 trip around the sun [#57kairos]
  • living curious — “Ask yourself, What way do I behold the world? Through this question you will discover your specific pattern of seeing.” -John O’Donohue

Thank you kindly for your interest and support!

This page includes additional details regarding Right Brain Planner® as well as resources and monthly modules. Right Brain Planner® is an ever-evolving system designed to support a creative planning practice.

-in gratitude, Teresa


Any day can be a personal “Day One” — a day you declare that “today is the day” and allow for “good enough for now” — and embrace that you are {more than} enough.

Showing my work and working out loud via this blog is an aspect of owning my dreams. Publishing “evidence” of my practice as well as my commitment to the promises I make to myself. That feels risky at times — but also very much worth the risk. I hope you will join me, Braveheart. ♥

Right Brain Planner® is the result of a personal and professional investment of my time and energy, research and finances since 2007. Right Brain Planner® is a registered brand name.

Right Brain Planner® RightBrainPlanner.com is:

a web site + one of my visual journals with the purpose of practicing + demonstrating:

  • You are the one you have been waiting for.
  • Change requires time; and it can feel impossible.
  • You will know as you go. [be your hero]
  • Baby steps count. Everything counts.
  • You cannot be “full” all the time …
  • Each of us cycles like the moon: waxing, waning and seen in varying views.
  • Everything takes as long as it takes.
  • When doubt presents itself, take that worse case scenario and flip it.
  • You are the expert … Trust yourself.
  • Allow Fear to be a start line for Next.
  • What you want is worth learning through failure.
  • You are not behind: you are precisely where you are supposed to be.
  • Your work is not what you get paid for; it is doing what you must to live as wholehearted as possible — even in the most mundane of moments.

Creative planning promotes self-compassion and the role of Discoverer. It is about “wishes” and grace, jots of thought and color-vents; starting in the middle when you are unsure where to begin and mapping a path as you journey in the direction of your dreams. It is about living free and eases away from a performance-based valuation of self-worth.

Right Brain Planner®

where I offer support, journal-planning templates and visual planning art

modules & support offerings


Right Brain Planner®

where I offer an annual creative planning kit. It includes two parts: a booklet with instruction + worksheets & pages to use for an annual planner

a trademarked system of creative planning & art-fully documenting Life developed by me, Teresa Robinson aka @stargardener

Finding our way through the overgrowth of our lives begins with scheduling time for creativity and reading and conversations — face-to-face and within online communities.

It is breathing in deeply the outdoor air under the cover of the ever-changing sky in order to find peace and ease within our wonderings and wanderings.

We each speak our own language by which we define our-selves via our compilation of a creative records — tangible and intangible. We have many “selves” {alter egos} and fulfill many roles during our lifetime, each one building upon the other.

  • A creative planning process is not as much about planning as it is about allowing space to abide gently with the feelings and thoughts of the day, as well as the images, words and colors that comfort and provide for creative expression.

embellished element from the 2017 Kit – 1st quarter

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. -Havelock Ellis

I honor the fact that time and energy are precious resources. If you choose to invest time interacting via social media, I would be delighted to connect with you there!

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Right Brain Planner® is part of my work under the umbrella of Star Garden Designs, LLC. It started off as a WordPress blog in 2007 as a means of creating a searchable resource. In the work that followed communities formed, and journal-planning guides were curated and published. This work continues to evolve.


succulentLive free, Braveheart. Planning doesn’t have to be restricted to lines and boxes. Discover your succulent ability to fully express yourself via whatever creative means serves you best.

Right Brain Planner® Annual Planner Kits, monthly guides and page sets are elements of an ever-evolving system designed to support a creative planning practice.