Hello, February!

“My Story” Annual Kit, February theme: loving unconditionally (beginning with your-self).

A timely theme for me this week as I temporarily fell off the map due to a condescending federal employee as I processed the reality of an unexpected (and significant) tax bill, and became entangled with shaming myself and if-only’s.

But thankfully, I found my way back by reading a few pages from, A Field Guide to Now, by Christina Rosalie + gluing found words and tiny bits of torn paper [gluebooking; collage] while my mind was processing “popping-like-popcorn” thoughts and emotions. I also reached out to trusted friends … vulnerable, yes … but shame diminishes when shared (in your journal/in-community). ♥



Today I will be setting up my February section of the “My Story” Annual Kit, and pondering love along with ways I can claim love for myself.

I will list-journal ways I can begin to claim [identity, name, develop, live] more of what I need — more of what matters most to me.


Coming Soon:

I will definitely be publishing new guides and modules, this month.


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