[fullness] loyalty to the inner vision

August theme: Dated Chronicling & Mark-Making + Establishing a Morning Ritual [my journal-planner title page with quarter moon art]

This week ushers in the month of August as I continue to experience my dailies with the intention of fullness + making note of sign-posts on the way to Next.

August is month two of the third quarter of 2017; I envision new endeavors in quarters — 3-months at a time (January-March, April-June, etc.) Here is a breakdown of how I see my personal quarter sessions:

  • Month 1 — trial and error; wandering; defining/naming {it} and familiarizing myself with an idea [what I want to explore, attempt, accomplish or otherwise do differently]; “new moon” phase of an expedition.
  • Month 2 — research and experiments; exploring and discovering; discussions and trial runs; confidence builds and formulations begin; narrowing down what is authentic for me; noting how I want to proceed; “quarter moons” phase of an expedition.
  • Month 3 — THIS is when I truly begin to develop and implement new habits and determine the course; everything before this month is practice/lessons for Next and Onward; “full moon” phase of an expedition.

cover art panels for the August Guide

My responsibility is not to the ordinary, or the timely. … My loyalty is to the inner vision, whenever and howsoever it may arrive. -Mary Oliver, Upstream

I have learned to allow the proverbial process of anything to take as long as it takes. Even when there is resistance and fear, and a nagging sense of being “behind” and delayed.

I have learned that mark-making and color help to pass the time.

Mark-making and color-vents are a means of producing a visual chronicle + engaging in a creative act when life gets too swirly.

Geometric shapes, squiggly lines and marks, bits of collage and splashes of color become my language of choice when words are few — and feelings are abundant.

[adding one of the two cover panels of the August Guide to my composition notebook]

The August Guide [Dated Chronicling & Mark-Making + Establishing a Morning Ritual] is a 20-page journal-planning guide and is a new starting point for Right Brain Planner® resources.

It is an invitation to reframe the way you define the word [plan] and to explore your journal-planning as abstraction.

Are you paralyzed with fear? That’s a good sign. Fear is good. Like self-doubt, fear is an indicator. Fear tells us what we have to do. Remember one rule of thumb: the more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it. -Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Yeah. Okay. But sometimes that doesn’t make me feel any better, Steven. 😉

But through my fears I have learned that everything is an opportunity, and that sparkly dares & living everything is a means of living free.

Even when that feels impossible. Because baby steps count and most often meaning is not in what we have, it is in what we are seeking.

tools for color-coding & highlight books as well as your notes and journal-planning pages

Thus, I have learned to embrace my scanner-tendencies and ride the waves of my ideas.

Holding on loosely to my heart-desires and surrounding myself with living-color; being outdoors and tracking seasons & moon phases; researching new topics and experimenting with new art techniques.

Yes. All of that can become “too much” and messy, and at times overwhelming. But I find that creative distractions tend to ease the angst of everyday challenges, and the in-between and the “not-quite-there” times.

Maybe you are a Scanner, too?

  • Barbara Sher defines a Scanner as a person with an extraordinary wide range of interests and curiosity in unrelated subjects + low tolerance for boredom: “They light up when they see new things, and they’re dying to do something with them.”

My mind lights up with new ideas each time I reread sections + add notes and art to my altered and color-coded copy of Sher’s book, Refuse to Choose!

book art inside my copy of Refuse to Choose! — I added color + doodles to embellish a quote handwritten by Mandy Steward included in her Secret Message Society zine

I hosted a 21-day discussion group for Barbara Sher’s book, Refuse to Choose! offering my notes + my own creative tips for color-coding reading materials and honoring your creative pace.

Module 7 is a compilation of the content discussed in the group:

➡️ [Module 7] “Are you a Scanner?” + Creative Aids

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✂️📐📝🔍 Quarterly planning is a means of framing a portion of time and deciding what you want to include with more intention (and less default). It empowers you to break the 🔄 cycle of over-committing your ⏰ time and 🔋🔋🔋 energies (followed by 😩 self-loathing).


➡️ Quarter Planning Module – Third Quarter [July-September]

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There is a dark side of fullness, the space in which we feel invisible but do our best to move onward in the cycle of darkness and light.

Each of us cycles like the moon, we cycle through living our days and weeks, months and years. These cycles go unnoticed if we aren’t in a regular practice of dated chronicling.

I offer it rather as a starting point … I want you to act on your own judgment. -Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

I have offered you some starting points in this post, Braveheart. Everything I compile and publish each month originated from my own practice of visual journal-planning.

Noting these rituals here and in the monthly guides and modules is a means of crafting a map of my home territories.

A practice I liken to dropping proverbial breadcrumbs along my path. And I invite you to do the same. It is a means of assuring ourselves of progress and familiar territories, mile markers and places of ease and safety. ♥

Braveheart, I believe art heals — and that art is as simple as abiding outdoors with the morning sky or jotting lists or having a favorite color. I created Right Brain Planner® because I needed a "planner" that offered space but didn't trigger my daily expectations. I needed a planner that was a journal — a place to creatively document my {living} + collect my blurts and random collage. Perhaps you are in need of the same? If so, I hope you will join me via our shared online connections. ♥