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We shake with joy, we shake with grief.
What a time they have, these two
Housed as they are in the same body.
-Mary Oliver

Right brain planning is re-membering, reflection and reminding ourselves we are who we say we are.

I am a part of all that I have met. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Right brain planning is taking notice of what we habitually say and think about ourselves via tracking what we are doing — and not doing — and reviewing what we document.

  • A daily practice of creative pause within the ticking moments of the present to re-member what matters most regarding our lives — what we truly want versus cycles of irrelevant-busyness.

Irrelevant busyness: defaults that cause us to avoid what matters most.

Every moment is a moment we could opt for a change — to alter our trajectory. To deviate from the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” and begin to edit and rewrite the scenes of our story.

It will eventually become a tangible change — but it will begin with a simple click on the proverbial dial of our mindset [perspective, attitude, being open to different options].

❤️ Braveheart, what is your 🎬📖✨story? 🔎Are you living as 👩🏽‍💼📝💼desk editor or 💬👁‍🗨📢roving reporter? A director 🎬🎭 — or simply a part-time 😐extra on the set? ⚠️ Do you embrace the 🌈🍀technicolor 💥traits of your alter 👩🏽‍🚀👩‍🎨👩🏽‍🏫👩🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍🎤egos — or do you simply live the 💢same life over and over? ☄️Life hits hard, Braveheart. 😰Every day. BUT — what you notice 🔎📝✨ and how {you} ✅♻️💚 {choose} to live your 🐾🌲wild and precious life is {yours} to decide. 😳🤔😜🤓🤗😒Every day. 🌅🌌🌠🌘 // The September Guide is about Celebrating 🥁🎪🤹🏻‍♀️Alter Egos & Storylines 📚📖🖋🗃 [on sale August 26, 2017 at rightbrainplanner.com — more about the 🌀evolving backstory ♨️⚛️💓influencing the ✨📝✂️⚗️🔮📿compilation of the September Guide on my blog ➡️➡️➡️ linked in my profile] 😎#rightbrainplanner #RBPCapacity . . . . ✨📖 page view: Snoopy's Guide to the Writing Life, edited by Barnaby Conrad & Monte Schulz 🚩[Peanuts characters have been my favorites forev-er!] 😁

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Discipline is remembering what you want. -David Campbell

Discipline is not shoulding yourself or striving futilely to meet expectations.

It is remembering who you are, who you want to be and do. It is allowing yourself to rewild, to live unencumbered and untamed by your circumstances.

  • What do you want?
  • What do you need to do to have it?
  • How can you begin to make space for it?

Are you willing to practice [try, fail, learn, repeat] to accomplish what do you want?

We are all unsure of ourselves. Every one of us walking the planet wonders, secretly, if we are getting it wrong. We stumble along. We love and we lose. At times, we find unexpected strength, and at other times, we succumb to our fears. -Dani Shapiro, Still Writing

Deep inside me lives my ‘soul bird’ (a Hebrew phrase). ‘She’ constantly reminds me of my boundlessness and I am glad she does, cause I tend to forget. My soul bird is my art. She is my window through which I see farther than my own words and worlds, the opening through which I feel my freedom, loudly, clearly, and oh so sweetly. -Orly Avineri

“Failure” is an arbitrary label, and the most psychologically healthy people I know tend to reframe it as an experiment that gave them valuable insight. -Debbie Millman

Everything you have experienced to this point of your life is vital for everything awaiting you in your future.

Everything you have experienced to this point of your life is a clue [a puzzle piece] of your capacity.

  • Capacity that has limits [moveable lines that define your past, present and future] awaiting notice.

➡️ “Capacity” by Right Brain Planner®
Alter Egos & Storylines + Fostering Resiliency

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This 19-page journal-planning guide represents the second in a series of a significant design change and the second chapter of a new starting point for Right Brain Planner® resources.

Focus: Naming your current and seasonal limits & capabilities as a means of personal empowerment and resiliency.

P.S. Busy is a decision. -Debbie Millman, Anything Worthwhile Takes Time

Braveheart, I believe art heals — and that art is as simple as abiding outdoors with the morning sky or jotting lists or having a favorite color. I created Right Brain Planner® because I needed a "planner" that offered space but didn't trigger my daily expectations. I needed a planner that was a journal — a place to creatively document my {living} + collect my blurts and random collage. Perhaps you are in need of the same? If so, I hope you will join me via our shared online connections. ♥