Friendship, art journals and a business partnership

MM and me

“But I don’t ‘need’ you, right? I mean, we’re not co-dependent. Right?”

“After all, I’m not looking for a best friend and you aren’t either. Right?”

My friendship with Mandy surprised me because it proved to reintroduce me to myself — to a new dimension of my practice of art journaling and being a creative entrepreneur. She saw me in a way I resisted because it felt vain and unconfirmed — unfamiliar after marriage and “instant” motherhood. Her acceptance reunited me with a part of me who wisely chose to wait her turn.

This is a glimpse of our interview with {the amazing} Amanda Fall for the Friendship issue of Sprout Magazine. Where we discuss ourselves as individuals, our friendship and how we accomplish a business partnership + friendship.

Sprout friendship graphic

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Our connection is that of a distant-oneness — something that exists on its own, without the constant nurturing and maintenance of a friendship. Both of us have experienced more than a few instances of “well, that was nice while it lasted” as we forged our way onward. Fortunately, we have been friends for most of four years, close friends for three of those years.


We have moved through questions {and discoveries} of our faith, womanhood, wifehood, motherhood, artistic expression and eventually creative business planning. We came to prefer The Unknown — the proverbial muted glow of a night sky, when the moon and stars are the only light. Because once we are there, our vision adjusts and we see more clearly.


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