celebrating & internal signposts

I must be a gatekeeper on the traffic in my life. Too much traffic and I grow overwhelmed. Too little and I grow stagnant. It’s a balance that I am seeking and I must be attentive because my needs are always shifting. -Julia Cameron

This is know: Balance is movement; it is recalibration and adaptation … and it is a lifelong process.

And while said process feels risky and unsettling at first — the eventual outcomes are absolutely invigorating!

I have always lived my life out loud, and as an intentional evolution of wholeheartedness.

It resulted in having relationships I never believed possible and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. It also resulted in some heart-breaking lessons about love and compassionate priorities, tenacity and letting go — and that sometimes you simply must face forward, cut ties, and adjust your proverbial sails for new destinations.

My early life choices and education (academic and real-life), my careers (paid, unpaid) and motherhood required honoring what was in my heart (even when my mind was over-analyzing); I had to learn to take chances, make mistakes and dare to deem everything an opportunity.

During the most debilitating years of my lack of wellness — cancer protocols, physical therapy and living with multiple sclerosis — living out loud was focused on being my own advocate. Doing so literally saved my life — and empowered me to live a life far beyond all I had imagined living.


Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again. -Joseph Campbell

I learned to foster sacred space, even when it proved costly; and to live with my questions, even when anxiety begged otherwise.


Space is the breath of art. -Frank Lloyd Wright


“For all its ambiguity, though, white space is undoubtedly a metaphor about opportunity; different thinkers define it differently because they take varying approaches to capturing opportunity. … Rather than think of white space as external — as some indistinct but desirable land outside [your] walls — I suggest that it’s more productive to view it as an internal signpost — as a way to map [your] ability to address new opportunities or threats.” -Mark W. Johnson, Harvard Business Review


Frankly, during the past three months I have felt “all the feelings” — and I have questioned my choice to reduce my income by publishing less and less of what I write and create. But, this I know:

It is time for me to press into what is in my heart for the next phase of my life.

The ease of white space is life-giving and will allow me to identify and invest in new opportunities.

I am doing so as a means of letting go of what is familiar + redirecting my time and energy to engage in new creative endeavors and life adventures.

Braveheart, I am ever-grateful for your personal messages, your interest and support. It is my sincere hope that your dreams are coming true + you are being true to you. Baby steps count — everything counts — and [it] takes as long as it takes. I believe in you — and I believe in the power of your dreams.

And I sincerely hope you and I will continue to share our stories and future adventures. ♥


*Please know, I will continue to publish my work here + various places online:


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2018 will be a year of week-by-week decisions to assess and embrace my-self — [as I am + as I am Becoming].

Right Brain Planner® resources are published versions of my process: the way in which I examine my life and deem the circumstances of my dailies as opportunities.

As I have mentioned before, I deem my practice as an ongoing research project. What I publish are compiled versions of my own trial and error, self-directed study combined with journal-planning content, prompts and templates.