Week 32 // reframing

Week 32The most important thing a creative per­son can learn professionally is where to draw the red line that separates what you are willing to do, and what you are not. ~Hugh MacLeod, How To Be Creative

Our habits {teach} people how to both treat us and how to trust us. We demonstrate what we are willing to do, and what are not. We establish habits by our words … and our enchantments. Continue reading

Week 7 // stability; because it all counts

week at a glance 7

… becoming intimate with the place where we find ourselves. This is the heart of finding the sacred everyday — discovering that the place where we are is enough. ~Christine Valters Paintner

The Everyday. Enough. Framed with prompts {from The Artist Rule and an extraordinary, thought-provoking e-course}. Stable.

I felt stable for my week seven … And I look into my week eight with intention and clarity. Continue reading

Finding rest in the shadows

18 contrasts

{what is living-giving guides us through the white spaces}

There was a day last week that felt like a fantasy — emotional light. The weather completely changed from sunny and moderate, to cloudy and cold — and there was the most gorgeous snowfall! Extraordinarily large, wet snowflakes fell from the muted sky like cotton … as it settled the entire landscape was altered. Continue reading