Week 36 // watercolor lines, the cycle of a day; what are we busy about?

metamorphosis watercolorIt is almost banal to say so yet it needs to be stressed continually: all is creation, all is change, all is flux, all is metamorphosis. -Henry Miller

metamorphosis // the divine nature of changing from one form into a completely different one; watercolor lines of progress; full-to-empty, empty-to-full.

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If you knew you were not the only one … would you feel more capable? would {it} feel closer to completion? more possible?

06 faith anne lamott

She said to go ahead and feel the feelings. I did. They felt like shit. ~Anne Lamott

I need reminders — lots of them.

I need someone to remind me I am not alone.

I need someone to remind me that grief and pain will not kill me.

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