change & dream spaces

time will pass anyway

I feel like a well-appointed laboratory of the soul — myself, my home, my life — in which none of the vitally fecund or destructive, explosive experiments has yet begun. -Anais Nin, The Diary of Anais Nin

Experiment is a guide word; inviting trial and error & trusting your gut enough to follow through with action; owning what you say by acting and interacting. It is a state of mind and being unencumbered by the distraction of busyness; it is one of execution. Continue reading

time & inspiration #4 {in real time}

my desk in real timeTime and inspiration. Time, finite. Inspiration, infinite. And yet we are often convinced we can “make time” and that we “lack inspiration” …

I want to live differently. More grace, less “making time” and less giving into the feeling of being uninspired. Because I know my perception of lack has more to do with the way I feel and not fact. Continue reading