If you knew you were not the only one … would you feel more capable? would {it} feel closer to completion? more possible?

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She said to go ahead and feel the feelings. I did. They felt like shit. ~Anne Lamott

I need reminders — lots of them.

I need someone to remind me I am not alone.

I need someone to remind me that grief and pain will not kill me.

… because I am not gonna stop until I have moved all the way through this. Continue reading

Leap Fearlessly — guest post by Heather

This is the second in a series of posts by “my Bravehearts” … Fierce and free young women of The Yes Tribe. Each of us together form a circle of strength … whispering secret messages as we journey in the direction of our dreams. ~stargardener

When she first asked me to guest post about my discoveries — my heart anxiously quickened, and Fear began to surface in that familiar way it does when I’m faced with the choice …

to say yes.

This time — I have a reminder. (Actually, I’ve surrounded myself with many little reminders.) The most obvious being the tattoo on my arm with the name that she gave me …


I fought tears when I first read that word. Just like when I read a Post-it® note from another friend that said, “it’s ok to do it afraid.”

This journey started with my new approach to a new year. I usually make a long list of resolutions — but not this year. This year I did something different. My tribe of sacred souls began picking words to clothe themselves in. Words to remind them of the life that they wanted. I decided to do the same. I picked two; two words that I wanted to describe me …

Brave Warrioress

I was tired of living behind a mask of insecurities. Little by little it worked. Little by little I shed them. With baby steps, I began accessorizing my soul with brave things. I surrounded myself with reminders.

  • I started an art journal all about this Brave Warrioress that I hoped to pull out from hiding. It’s full of notes from friends, quotes from the greats, splatters of messy paint, and images of bravery.
  • I told a few souls that see me on a daily basis so that when they spotted the “masked-me” they would remind me to remove it. Sometimes that catches me off guard. Like when I went out dancing but stood in the corner, and my friend said, “Look at your arm, Heather. Be a Braveheart.”  

What am I supposed to say to that …

I had to say yes.

I didn’t think I’d see improvements as quickly as I have. I didn’t think that “it” would work. I didn’t think that a tribe of rebel souls could really get the “me” to come out of hiding.

I was wrong.

Because in the first few months of 2012 I have:

  • run in a half marathon
  • hula hooped in a bikini
  • danced in public with my man
  • worn shorts (I NEVER wear shorts)
  • put a controversial sticker on my car
  • read books that were “forbidden”

And embraced that it’s OK to be a little bit rebellious.  

I’m excited about the rest of the year. I’m thrilled to be leaping fearlessly and building my wings on the way down!


::: about Heather …

Although she once routinely answered to, Wallflower … this year she decided to bloom into something different. Opening fully … and leaping fearlessly into a life of warrioress-play with poetry on her tongue and paint on her fingers. And she invites you to do the same! Join her as she writes of her transformation and discoveries at Raining Silence.