time & inspiration #3 {confessions}

week at a glance reviewPerhaps “confession” is a word on my mind because of the surprised responses after I share about my collage process & right brain planning. I feel as if my words are a confession {a formal admission} of the truly mundane beginnings of my art. :mrgreen:

  • I simply begin with whatever is handy. I have organized storage trays with pens and tape, words and charm prompts from The Art Journaler — but most often, I use torn bits of paper from my mail pile, words cut from letters or mailers.

Perhaps “confession” is a word on my mind because today’s word prompt for #TAJ31 today is unveil?

  • Simplicity and serendipity are my guide words. Prompts to resist keeping every.single.of.paper. :shock: To be on the hunt for “fresh” secret messages and clues to the answers I seek via random words that capture my attention.
  • My process is not a secret; but I also feel challenge to describe it.
  • My process is an unfolding, varied within the hours of each day.

Perhaps “confession” feels more daring to speak because I wholeheartedly believe magic is woven in every single moment

Ignored and missed by, and invisible to, most people since magic is only seen through the lens of knowing and intention.

  • Knowing what {and who} I love and drawn to.
  • Knowing what {and who} I resist because I have learned by trial and error.
  • Knowing the miracle and mystery of stars is something I have always been delighted to see, ponder and learn more about …

kindnessDo you see the stars on the cow?

Confessions about me, stuff you might not already know; revelations of my private moments within the hours and days and weeks of what you see online:

  • Any sort of noise totally distracts me and derails my thought-process. I am also highly sensitive to light, smells and physically being around too many people, or in traffic. :shock: Long car trips are rare, and always a challenge for my creative coping skills.
  • I am generous and give gifts freely, and as often as inspiration {Spirit} guides me. However, I resist forced gift-giving + keeping gift-giving “equal” to those I gift.
  • I have a goal to determine what is essential for my overall peace and wellness, comfort and necessity in a 10’x10′ space. Said space would likely be expanded by the space required for a small kitchenette and a large whirlpool bath area — with lots of light! ✔ Zero-accumulation is my current means of moving in that direction.
  • I really {really!} enjoy my solitude, working at home and a schedule I decide. I have to “make” myself interact sometimes. BUT I LOVE community — so go figure? :mrgreen:
  • I am a blurter {speak randomly and often in a context that makes no sense unless you have known me for awhile} and much prefer text-based conversations. Also pertinent: short term memory? non-existent {age + multiple sclerosis}
  • I have had moments in my life when I felt “finished” with Life. At a sort of stopping point, as if I had done all I was meant to do on Earth. I am currently in one of those times. It is always unexpected + always precedes a major life change.
  • I dreamed of doing what I am doing now for decades; for such a long time I had begun to doubt it would ever occur … so long I felt delusional for even hoping.

Also, I like the numbers 3, 4, 7 and 10. So I will stop at 7 on that list. ;)


{my prayer beads} because that is the way they feel

Heather, a dear friend of mine, designed and created my prayer beads.
[link to her Etsy Shop]

Another meaning of the word, confession: a statement setting out the elemental essentials of a religious doctrine. Creativity is my {religion}: a form of worship. Thereby I confess these tenets of my faith:

  • there is healing power in the hands that tear tiny bits of paper
  • black and white cues clarity & removal of pretense + invites color
  • color is a powerful healer; rainbows are promises
  • found words are Divine guidance and answering
  • red stars are a symbol of my faith
  • creativity begin in-spirit; creativity needs no justification or rules
  • faith comes in the doing, in accepting the sparkly dare to try
  • creativity is Divinely woven into the very being of each of us
  • I am the expert regarding my-self; Spirit guides me in all things
  • my art is an expert reflection of my {living}

18 charm promptsConfessions regarding my planning practices:

  • Planners are a fascination for me. Perpetual experiments. I have never used the same planner for an entire year.
  • I have designed a planner for 2015. Bound and inclusive of what I consider to be all “the elements of Me” … As if tangible proof that I am who I have always dreamed my-self to be. :mrgreen:
  • Instead of goals, I utilize guide words. I will post my three words for 2015 soon.
  • I have had a planning system since I was in high school. My {former} favorite line of planners: Franklin-Covey; bought my first planning set in 1985. Also my first altered planner. ;)

Final Confession: As is my process, I didn’t plan to write this post. But I had to do make a time trade with Rocket Man, so I decided to write during my wait. :D

Do things from your soul, Braveheart. Don’t stop until you get what you love!

moving in you a joy rumiTime and inspiration. Time, finite. Inspiration, infinite. And yet we are often convinced we can “make time” and that we “lack inspiration” …

I want to live differently. More grace, less “making time” and giving into the feeling of being uninspired. Because I know my perception of lack has more to do with the way I feel and not fact.

Right Brain Planner™ Freelance JournalheaderThis digital option allows you to customize your planner: select the binding you prefer; add in pages you need; arrange the sections to your preference; print on varied, colored paper; print calendars on cardstock and utilize as section dividers — the possibilities are limitless {just like you, Braveheart!} :mrgreen:

the practice of art every day {secret messages of collage}

art card

art card reminder of my “credentials” & life experience

I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then. -Lewis Carroll

Change is the collection of frames for a proverbial flipbook. It is not until we pause in “creating frames” and {allow} for pause and reflection that we can fully appreciate, celebrate, accept and receive — “flip-through” and build on what we experienced. Continue reading

right brain planning is a lens

Art displayed at Hancock Creative Shop | Guthrie, Oklahoma

Art displayed at Hancock Creative Shop | Guthrie, Oklahoma

We must look at the lens through we see the world, as well as the world we see, and that the lens itself shapes how we interpret the world. -Stephen R. Covey

Art Day 19 for Art Every Day Month: Noticing what/how I see + how my collage and doodles in my right brain planning facilitate my vision/focus and my calm … providing me a creative lens to see order and sequence. Continue reading

creativity and letting go

art-every-day-month 03 work space

Art for Day 3

It is my intention to honor the emotions of my {living} but there are times when {letting go} feels like a free fall into an abyss … I know the cycles. I know the Truth. But … :shock:

sometimes you have to hold on until the very last minute of letting go. hold with clenched fists and locked jaw, rope burn on your palms. hold on like your life depends upon it. because it does. because the moment you release it or it is pried from your closed hand, your life will in fact no longer the same. -Isabel Abbott, remember and release

Continue reading