right brain planning is a lens

Art displayed at Hancock Creative Shop | Guthrie, Oklahoma

Art displayed at Hancock Creative Shop | Guthrie, Oklahoma

We must look at the lens through we see the world, as well as the world we see, and that the lens itself shapes how we interpret the world. -Stephen R. Covey

Art Day 19 for Art Every Day Month: Noticing what/how I see + how my collage and doodles in my right brain planning facilitate my vision/focus and my calm … providing me a creative lens to see order and sequence. Continue reading

creativity and letting go

art-every-day-month 03 work space

Art for Day 3

It is my intention to honor the emotions of my {living} but there are times when {letting go} feels like a free fall into an abyss … I know the cycles. I know the Truth. But … :shock:

sometimes you have to hold on until the very last minute of letting go. hold with clenched fists and locked jaw, rope burn on your palms. hold on like your life depends upon it. because it does. because the moment you release it or it is pried from your closed hand, your life will in fact no longer the same. -Isabel Abbott, remember and release

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creativity and the wild ride of resistance {and depression}

Art for Day 1

Art for Day 1

Dear Bright Side: After repeated attempts to look at you this morning, I admit it continues to be a struggle. That is all.

After tweeting that … and my eyes filling with tears of overwhelm being at my desk for less than a hour, and feeling like MS and depression would be the death nail in a day barely started … I decided to act and found some inspiration along the way: Continue reading

Week 40 // defining what is important

week 40 planningYour actions and habits are in alignment with your self-belief. You can work as hard as you want, but if deep down you don’t truly believe it’s going to pay off then you won’t be working to your fullest potential. -Chris Brogan

This week has been a time of naming what is important; journaling-through my want-to’s and must-do’s and my defaults … Continue reading