Art as a sign of freedom — guest post by Manda

This is the fourth in a series of posts by “my Bravehearts” ♥ … Fierce and free young women of The Yes Tribe. Each of us together form a circle of strength … whispering secret messages as we journey in the direction of our dreams. I invited Manda to share images from her art journal and a bit about what prompted her to begin art journaling. ~stargardener

What prompted Art Journaling? A burning desire to create was rippling under my skin… Art was a sign of freedom to me. Yet, I had walls and hesitations built up that I wouldn’t do it “right” or that I wasn’t creative “enough.”

Stop Pretending!

Accusations pierced me at every turn. When I was seeking God’s direction for the coming year, the word He spoke over me was CREATE.  I trembled at the thought. But God is gracious in that He wove together with a group of women ~ The ‘Say YES’ Tribe.  It was their bravery and encouragement to embrace free expression that prompted the journey into Art Journaling.

Presence TRUMPS Advice…

The desire had been there for over a year, but I hadn’t started … because of fear. As 2012 has rolled into it’s 5th month… I’m finding more freedom, healing, and grace within the pages of my sacred space.  I cannot thank my Warrioress Women enough… They are priceless jewels to me!

::: about Manda …
She has a lot running through her heart & mind… it keeps her busy (and exhausted, at times) but she also embraces the lovely beauty of the depths; and believes you can’t be too scared to go there… to be a heart examiner. She is learning, and it is quite the journey… As she twirls in thought and processes life as it comes…

follow her discoveries on Twitter {and Instagram @mandamichelle} as she partakes of the reveal.

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4 thoughts on “Art as a sign of freedom — guest post by Manda

  1. Manda – I feel so blessed to share your world with those warrioress women.

    Your desire to create authentically and overcome your fears – they are shared more than you know.

    Keep examining your heart – for there you will find much beauty <3 xo

  2. both of you lovely ladies have inspired & encouraged me SO much as i embark on this creative art journaling journey!
    manda—> the quote “sometimes it takes a whole lotta tears for us to see clearly” TOTALLY resonates with me. xoxo

  3. It is so exciting that we have all gathered {from around the world} to share our personal discoveries via our art journaling discoveries, Manda, Julie and Erica! Much love to each of you for your willingness to be creatively vulnerable … ♥

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