52 Weeks of Noting {collage and creative record} 8/52 — I am who I say I am.

you can do this

This one is bothering me as of late— I’ve had to say no way more than normal.  I wonder what the universe has in store for me in the future because its still hard sometimes to manage everything MS related when no one else around me is experiencing the additive bonus of this disease in their life. ~Tracy, someonelikeme.ca

I wonder this myself … It has been difficult to manage {everything MS related} this week. It certainly was not my choice of weeks to follow the high of feeling as if I lived a year in 40 days [link].

16 last bloom before recharge

Perhaps I will pay. Perhaps there is a meticulous account-keeping that will demand of me until I’m broke. … Maybe my choice of loving will push me {allow me} to live on the fringe. ~Janae, Making Love

I’ll choose living on the fringe.

I’ll live there if I must in order to live free.

16 onward declaration

Because I don’t have time to waste keeping score according to someone else’s tally sheet.

16 score key

I will live on the fringe; I know what I want — and I will be who I say I am {not my diagnosis or my doubts}.

I will do what I can about my wellness and find strength within my questions — without keeping scores and tallies.

16 852 card

What if I’m wrong? I don’t have time to concern myself with that. I have the knowledge I need and the ace of spades. I will rest when I need to, and do the work as I am able.

★ Each Friday, I create a small collage using a playing card and random elements. My mission is to creatively document the keywords, colors and.or lessons of each week; and create a visual mile marker of each week’s lessons.

Join me? What is something you want to accomplish? It can be a mini-goal or something you want to invest in weekly. Let’s share our images of what we are investing in our creative goals — art journal pages, cards with mini-art, index cards, etc. Use the hashtag #my52cards on Twitter and Instagram, tag photos on Flickr my52cards …

You are also cordially invited to add your images to the Right Brain Planner group [link] … no rules//just a prompt//begin whatever week you decide.


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